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Services & Fees

Vito A. Abrusci DUI Consulting offers expert review and analysis of all incidents that involve Driving Under the Influence (both DUI and DWI), as well as incidents involving Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS). Since Vito A. Abrusci DUI Consulting was certified as a DRE, he will be able to provide expert review beyond that of other experts as he has real life experience for over twenty-five years in the field and as an instructor in the classroom.

The services that Vito A. Abrusci DUI Consulting provides include:

  • Review of Discovery
  • Written Report
  • Alcotest 7110MKIIIC and all aspects of evidential breath testing procedures
  • Alcotest 9510 and all aspects of evidential breath testing procedures.
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST’s), including the proper procedures for administering these tests
  • Review and analysis of the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) evaluation.
  • Trial Preparation

Fee Schedule

Case Review Fees

  • $400 Review of Discovery

The following are in addition to Review of Discovery

  • $400 Expert Written Report for Alcohol- The report turn-around time is approximately 10 business days once all fees and Discovery has been received.

  • $450 Expert Written Report for DRE/Drugs

  • $600 Expedited Report – 2 business day turn around once the fee & Discovery are received.

  • $300 Supplemental report fee.

  • $100 per hour for time required to view supplied videos beyond the initial first two hours of video recordings.

Court Appearance Fees

  • $900 First Municipal Court Appearance (Alcohol)
  • $800 Additional Municipal Court Appearance (Alcohol)
  • $1,000 First Municipal Court Appearance (DRE/Drugs)
  • $900 Additional Municipal Court Appearance (DRE/Drugs)
  • $1,500 Superior Court Fee per day
  • $350 Transcript Review Fee (each day of testimony)
  • $450 Out of Office video review
  • Trial prep by phone, no charge

Court Appearance Policies:

Appearance fees are non-refundable. If canceled/postponed twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled appearance, fees will be applied to the following scheduled court date. The fee will be non-refundable if the case is resolved without my appearance. I am unable to “hold “a date due to non-payment by other attorneys. In some instances, a travel fee may be imposed.

Services will not be rendered until the fees are satisfied.

Acceptable methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Attorney Checks, Bank Checks or Money Orders.
Checks may be made payable to Vito A. Abrusci DUI Consulting, LLC

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